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    Medical-Grade Masks for Everyday Use




    Non-Medical Face Masks are a must have for those who want an affordable, clean, and comfortable protective-barrier while completing their daily activities. All Daily-Wear masks are extensively tested using the same protocols as medical masks. 


    As face masks become more prevalent in everyday life, the last thing you want is a soggy, dirty, smelly, or uncomfortable mask. The Non-Medical Face Mask solves all of these problems. With the low price, it has never been more affordable to purchase single-use masks for daily-use. First Defence Face Masks can be worn up to 4-hours at a time and replaced with a fresh, new mask every time.


    The Non-Medical Face Mask is the lowest priced on the market while still providing a comfortable fit. We are confident that our price and quality is unparalleled in the market place and are happy to provide a 100% price-match guarantee and 100% product satisfaction guarantee.



    1. Inner-Layer: Meltblown non-woven polypropylene fabric
    2. Middle-Layer: Meltblown polypropylene fabric
    3. Outer-Layer: Fine meltblown non-woven polypropylene fabric
    4. Ear-Loop: Polyamide & Spandex
    5. Nose Bar: Polypropylene & Iron Wire


    • Check to make sure the mask package is intact
    • Should be worn over the nose and mouth
    • Do not wear for more than 4-hours of continuous use
    • Store in a dry, cool & ventilated environment and free from corrosive gases
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    Medical Face Masks by First Defence Face Masks. Canadian Made masks made in Calgary, Alberta.


    All First Defence Face Masks undergo extensive product testing. Although the Non-Medical Face Masks are not tested in accordance with an accepted North American Medical Standard, they are still subject to laboratory testing by an accredited testing facility.


    Particulate Filtering Efficiency

    Requirement: 80%+

    • Result: 90.3

    • Bacterial Filtering Efficiency

      • Result: 95%+
      • Requirement: 99.4%

    Breaking Force

    • Requirement: Force required to break junction between mask and ear loop
    • Result: Greater than 10 Newtons

    Ventilation Resistance

    • Requirement: Ventilation resistance less than 80 Pascals
    • Result: Passed (33 Pa)

    Heavy Metal Content

    • Requirement: Standard requirements for heavy metal content to be less than medical testing standard
    • Result: No heavy metal content found

    Microbial Content

    Requirement: Less than 200 bacterial colonies, presence of high-risk virus and bacteria not-allowed, fungal colonies not-allowed

    Result: None found

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