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First Defence Face Masks | Buy Bulk Medical Face Masks Canada

At First Defence Face Masks, we not only aim to provide you with affordable medical face masks and PPE, but we want to educate you on mask effectiveness during COVID-19. We have been importing and distributing products for nearly 5 years and feel as though First Defence can provide you with the medical PPE and face masks you and your family deserve. 

Many of the first defence articles and resources found below educate people on the variations of face masks. We look into which mask is most effective (cloth masks, surgical masks, medical masks, daily-wear disposable masks or N95 masks), the mask standards and filtration effectiveness.

First Defence face masks offer Canadian Made Face Masks at a reasonable price. Not only do we believe that you should remain safe during these times, however we believe in educating Canada on the health and safety of effective face masks. Face Masks that are made in Canada are manufactured with Canadian Materials. 

First Defence Face Masks provide you with both imported disposable face masks and Canadian made disposable face masks.