Press Release: Calgary Company Donates Medical Face Masks to Canadian Businesses in Need

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September 24, 2020 - A Calgary-based company, First Defence Face Masks recently donated 3,000 disposable face masks to Canadian businesses in need.

First Defence Face Masks provides medical face masks to Alberta Health Services, health care clinics and large-scale businesses, however in recent turn of events, they pivoted their business to make PPE and medical masks accessible to individuals and small businesses.

“As COVID-19 hit, many didn’t know where to turn for medical grade disposable face masks” said CEO Beau Taylor. “We quickly shifted our business model to an online e-commerce platform, so consumers could easily purchase online from the comfort of their home and receive their masks within two business days. We have made it our mission to provide Canadian’s with high quality, highly affordable medical and non-medical disposable face masks.”

As First Defence Face Masks became accessible online, they quickly realized how many businesses were negatively impacted by the current pandemic. The Face Mask Donation campaign was quickly launched with the intention to provide support to struggling businesses in Canada.

“COVID-19 has impacted all businesses across Canada. It’s forced some to close their doors, others to limit capacity, and it has increased regulatory burden and costs” said Mitch Johnstone, Chief Technology Officer. “If we could give back to Canadian businesses that needed a break on face mask costs, it could give them a chance to remain open and continue to stimulate our local economy.”

With many nominations and small business entries, First Defence Face Masks donated a total of 3,000 face masks to four of many organizations last week:

  1. Smiles Foundation, based in Toronto, offers dental treatments and preventative health education to children and adults through their permanent and mobile dental clinics in the Dominican Republic. During Covid-19, quality face masks have become more expensive and very difficult to procure. We’ll be working closely with the team to provide medical face masks donations so their volunteers can do their work safely. 
  2. Inspire Our Nation is a youth conference with the mission of inspiring youth to overcome struggle and influence the world in positive ways. The mask donation will help the conference host small ‘watch parties’ as the conference has moved online. This will allow the attendees to get together in small groups and allow the conference to have the biggest impact on the kids. 
  3. First Defence Face Masks donated masks to a Local Calgary Public School. A Calgary teacher reached out and expressed that the school board had not received enough masks to keep teachers and students safe.
  4. Central Bark Doggy Daycare is a local Calgary business that has been greatly affected by Covid-19. Despite this, they have managed to stay open and donated their time providing free grooms to those in need and raising funds for rescues and non profits. The mask donation will help them get rid of the cost of procuring high-quality masks and allow them to focus on showering all the puppies with love and affection.

“We are thrilled to have helped three organizations and businesses that needed assistance with disposable face masks. We hope that First Defence Face Masks can continually donate face masks in the future, to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus” – Beau Taylor, CEO and Founder.

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First Defence Face Masks is a Canadian medical products provider to hospitals, clinics, and government organizations. HBF offers both branded and private labeling to our customers. 

First Defence Face Masks was founded upon the principles of transparency, reliability, and integrity. In times of global chaos and uncertainty, we stay true to these values. 

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