How to Pick the Best Mask for You.

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Navigating the new world of physical distancing, constant disinfecting, and mask wearing can be a challenge. How do you pick which mask is right for you? What is the difference between a medical and a non-medical mask? We’ve put together this blog article to help answer these questions. 

The Canadian Made 3-ply Non-Medical Face Mask is for those who are wearing their mask for short periods of time (less than an hour at a time) and have low exposure to other people. This mask is non-medical but performs just as good as a medical mask. The fact that it is deemed ‘non-medical’ means that the manufacturer did not have to pay fees to governing bodies to validate that their masks are in fact medical. This saves money for the manufacturer and allows us to pass along these savings to our customers. 


First Defence Medical Masks are fully certified and tested to the ASTM2100 Standards. This medical standard is approved for use by Health Canada and this approval allows us to sell and market these masks as medical. These can be used in health-care, physiotherapy clinics, massage therapy clinics, and other clinical settings. They are also great for teachers or other professions in which there is a high chance of coming into close proximity to others. 


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