First Defence Face Masks now producing Canadian-Made Medical Masks in Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary based mask company; First Defence Face Masks are pleased to announce the launch of their fully-certified Canadian-Made Medical Face Masks. The recent expansion of their Canadian product line will bring over 150 jobs to Canadians and have an economic benefit of over $7.5 million dollars in salaries. 

“As the pandemic hit, we quickly realized that we needed to bring the supply chain back to Canada to help boost the local economy, partner with local suppliers and provide Canadians with effective yet affordable medical face masks” said CEO and Founder, Beau Taylor. “By adding locally made raw materials, we are bringing additional jobs and a positive economic impact to the Canadian economy.”

Through a partnership with another local Alberta-based company, First Defence is bringing their newly developed filtration layer to the market in all First Defence Medical Masks. This filtration layer was developed through an investment of over $1.2million and the partnership has resulted in a 20% increase in their workforce. By bringing this critical component to market, First Defence is helping to decrease the risk of their supply chain and bringing even more jobs back to Canada. 

“We built this company to build relationships with people, and build those relationships on trust, especially in these uneasy times. Canadians deserve to have the confidence that the face masks they choose to wear are not only protecting them against COVID-19, but are made from raw materials sourced right here in Canada” said Beau Taylor. 

The First Defence Face Masks are being produced in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta, which will have the capacity to produce 500,000 face masks per day. The new Canadian made medical mask is tested to ASTM-2100 and passes Level 1, 2 and 3 requirements.

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