Does your Canadian business need 3-ply non-medical or ASTM Level 3 medical face masks?

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Are you a Calgary business owner who is trying to buy the best face masks available out there? Then you will have two options available to consider. Either you can go for medical face masks or buy non-medical face masks. Within this article, we outline whether your business should purchase ASTM Level 3 Medical Face Masks or 3-ply non medical face masks. 

What is an ASTM standard face mask?

ASTM is a protection standard that you can see in the face masks. This standard is maintained by a global organization named ASTM International. They develop the standards and publish those standards for a variety of products, services, and even systems.

This standard is given for face masks as well. All these face masks fall under the category of medical face masks. This ensures their quality is guaranteed by five different metrics, including flammability, breathability, fluid resistance, particulate filtration, and bacterial filtration.

According to ASTM, there are three different levels of protection that a face mask would offer. Here’s a quick overview of the three levels.

    1. Level 1 – Level 1 indicates a low risk of exposure to fluids
    2. Level 2 – Level 2 indicates a moderate risk of exposure to fluids
    3. Level 3 – Level 3 indicates a high risk of exposure to fluids. You will be able to see the ASTM level on the packaging of face masks. Based on that, you can make the decision to purchase the face masks you want.

What is a non-medical face mask?

Non-medical face masks are the face coverings, which don’t come along with ASTM standardization. In most instances, non-medical face masks are made out of fabrics that are bought from vendors. It will even be possible for you to make a non-medical face mask on your own. You can simply purchase the supplies needed for the preparation of non-medical face 3 ply face masks online. 

The non-medical face masks offer a secure fit, breathability, and comfort. However, these face masks are not in a position to deliver the best level of protection to you against viral infections. That’s because virus droplets can pass through the non-medical face masks. Due to the same reason, non-medical face masks are not recommended for frontline health workers. They are just enough to provide basic protection to you in day to day life. However, you can be infected by wearing a non-medical face mask, especially when you maintain close contact with a person infected with the virus.

What businesses should buy medical face masks?

If you are a Calgary business that works directly with infected people or people who can possibly have infections, you should purchase ASTM medical face masks. Then you will be able to minimize the overall risk of getting the virus.

1. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, physiotherapists and pharmacies 

People who work at hospitals, healthcare facilities, physiotherapists, and pharmacies are at the highest risk of being infected. Hence, all business owners should think about purchasing ASTM face masks. It is a must to ensure the protection of employees against the virus. People who work in healthcare environments can be exposed to multiple infected individuals throughout the day. This poses a massive risk, which should never be ignored. Hence, it is not possible to look for any other alternative than medical face masks.

2. Restaurants, bars, and supermarkets 

Many infected people can walk in through the doors of your restaurant or bar as well. Staff who serve those customers are at a high risk of getting infected. Hence, it is important to provide them with medical face masks. While wearing medical face masks, they will be able to work on their day to day work, without having to worry too much about infections. This is applicable for the staff who work in supermarkets as well. 

What businesses should buy non-medical face masks?

Now you are aware of the types of businesses that should invest in the ASTM medical face masks. The other businesses can stick to non medical 3 ply face masks and keep their expenses low. For example, people who are working in an office environment will not really need medical face masks because it is possible to ensure social distancing with seating arrangements. On the other hand, no customers will walk into the office and interact with staff daily. 

Likewise, you should analyze the level of risks that your staff face with getting the virus. If the risk is minimum and if you can control it with other safety measures, you can buy non medical 3 ply face masks, If you can afford to purchase medical face masks, you should always go for them as they are in a position to deliver the best level of protection at all times.

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