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First Defence Face Masks is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our aim is to provide Canadians with high quality medical face masks that are made right here in Manitoba. The materials used in our Canadian Made medical face masks are sourced from Canada. We believe that providing Canadians with affordable medical face masks available in bulk. 

If you need any assistance with any of our products, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us at anytime! We have ASTM Level 3 Medical Masks, 3-ply non-medical masks which are both Canadian-made and Imported. If you require further assistance with bulk pricing or shipping, we can also assist at anytime.

First Defence Face Masks holds a valid Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL), allowing us to provide both medical face masks and non-medical face masks to our customers.

First Defence is a Manitoban owned and operated business and our face masks are located in central Canada. This gives us the ability to provide 3 to 5 day shipping anywhere in Canada. First Defence serves consumers who need masks to protect themselves and their loved ones, as well as businesses that require masks. Buy face masks online or contact us for medical face masks bulk orders across Canada.