Canadian PPE Supply chain

Bringing Critical Supply Chains Back to Canada

First Defence has been importing and distributing products for nearly 5 years. We thought we had a handle on the supply chain and had set-up efficient processes for ensuring that our customers get a high-quality product every time, on-time. Enter in Covid-19… 

The cost to ship 1,000,000 medical masks ballooned from $50,000 to $200,000 overnight. PPE pirates were stealing critical supplies meant to come to Canada. Trust had quickly eroded and suppliers were not releasing shipments without 100% payment up-front. The well-being of our front-line workers and Canada’s ability to stop the spread of Covid-19 was completely out of our hands. 

Fortunately, our experience and trusted relationships with our overseas suppliers allowed us to successfully import over 1 million medical masks at the height of the pandemic. These were provided to front-line workers in Alberta. Although we were successful with our imports, we knew this was not sustainable. With the unpredictable costs and timelines for shipping, the increased risk of hi-jacked cargo, and the inconsistent quality of supply put all Canadians at risk. 

This is why we’ve made a plan to support local manufacturers and encourage consumers to invest their dollars in locally-made products. Our partnership with a Calgary-based manufacturer has allowed us to bring the first disposable mask for daily-use to the Canadian public. When you buy our Premium Daily Wear Face Mask your dollars are flowing right back into the Canadian economy and you are helping to ensure that we do not need to look overseas for our most critical supplies. 

At this point in time, Canadian disposable masks are more expensive than an imported mask. We believe that with time and consistent investment, our cost will begin to fall, and we’ll be able to compete on a global scale for these products. As we’ve seen with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, when Canada does not have access to critical PPE, our front-line workers suffer and Canadians’ end up in harm’s way. 

Help us to bring our critical supply chains back from overseas and support a locally-made mask today:

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